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Brown Bear Mauls Man on Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula


A man received major injuries in an afternoon bear attack on Sunday. 

A 62-year-old man was flown to an unspecified hospital after he sustained major injuries in an attack by a brown bear Sunday near Soldotna.

Danny High, of Funny River, was named as the victim by Alaskan State Troopers. Details of his injuries were not specific beyond being “major” according to KTUU 2 News. The attack happened east of Soldotna while High was walking in the woods.

High was not carrying a weapon or bear spray. There were no immediate details of how he may have escaped the attack that was reported at 4:36 p.m. Sunday.

Alaskan State Troopers searched for the bear near the scene, but were unable to locate it. Further details were not made available in the original police dispatch.

Soldotna and Funny River Alaska are located on the Kenai Peninsula, approximately a three-hour drive south east of Anchorage.

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Brown Bear Mauls Man on Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula