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This 660-Pound Bear Attacks German Shepherd With Water [VIDEO]

A 660-pound brown bear attacked a German shepherd dog...with a garden hose spraying water.

Rather than the kind of violent and bloody attack we might expect from encounters between bears and dogs, this confrontation seemed more like one brother razzing the other brother.

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The bear's name is Tima, and both he (assuming he's a he) and the shepherd have been performing together since Tima was adopted in 1995. Tima is originally from Siberia, but this playful encounter occurred in Spain; although we don't know if that's where the animals and their trainers live or if it was just a temporary stop-over.


In any event, the pair of friends looked as though they were very familiar and comfortable with one another. Tima seemed to enjoy dousing the dog with the water hose - or, perhaps more accurately, attempting to douse the dog, as the bear had some trouble controlling the water stream, occasionally spraying itself.

For its part, the dog seemed unperturbed, as though thinking, "Sigh...same old Tima," with a roll of the eyes.

Boys will be boys...

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This 660-Pound Bear Attacks German Shepherd With Water [VIDEO]