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Through the Brow Tines: A Look at the Mule Deer Foundation [VIDEO]

From the banks of the Mississippi River to the Pacific coast, and from the Yukon scree to the Mexican high desert, the Mule Deer Foundation seeks to protect and better the population and habitat of its namesake species.

Species-specific conservation efforts are not a unique venture, but a species unique to our continent and the efforts behind its preservation most certainly are.

Enter the mule deer and the Mule Deer Foundation (MDF). Established in 1988 as a response to the population reduction due to a string of rough winters, Emmett Burroughs knew it was time to give back to the struggling populations of mule and blacktailed deer to aid in their recovery and ensure their continuity.

Check out this testimonial from the Mule Deer Foundation’s YouTube channel.

Efforts undertaken by the MDF include land conservation partnerships, interstate byway projects, and funding scientific research and educational opportunities to spread knowledge and understanding of this important component of the North American ecosystem.

With over $7,000,000 dedicated to this cause in 2013 alone, it is safe to say the MDF is playing a significant role in its namesake’s future.

City Buck

With multiple chapters in every western state and a few scattered throughout the midwest, conservation efforts near you are easier to find than a mule deer trophy of your own during hunting season. That being said, thanks to MDF efforts, those chances are increasing throughout the west with encouraging reports of population increases in many western states.

As two of the most coveted of North American big game animals and equally strenuous to pursue, the mule and blacktail deer stand as an example of success wherein a purpose and diligent efforts can be found.

Those individual successes aside, the future of this western big game animal remains on rocky ground. As states adjust management practices and efforts, the MDF stands strong as an advocate for conservation efforts focused on expanding these successes across the range of habitat.

To participate, check out the website and consider membership as a first step.

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Through the Brow Tines: A Look at the Mule Deer Foundation [VIDEO]