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Between Brothers: Trophy Trout in the Gunnison Gorge [VIDEO]

Gunnison Gorge brown trout

The Gunnison River is one of the best rivers for wild trophy trout in the United States, and the Gunnison Gorge contains one of the best stretches for catching those fish.

The two Houska brothers have lived and worked in the famed Gunnison Gorge for years, so you can imagine their expertise when it comes to catching big trout.

Now we are fortunate enough to be able to go along for a ride on their raft. You will enjoy the fish, of course, but also the scenery and rugged beauty of the Gunnison Gorge. Oh, and for those who appreciate such things, all of these big fish were caught on dry flies. Try and beat that.


The Gunnison River is one of my all-time favorites, and hopefully you see why in this short film from Fly Smart Media. The waters of the Black Canyon and Gunnison Gorge qualify as Colorado Gold Medal waters, which means you have a great chance at a trophy trout. This video amazes me, not because of the large fish that are caught, but because they are all caught on dry flies. Now that is special!

Naturally I am already planning a trip to the Gunnison River. Not that I didn’t want to go before watching this video, but there is something about watching large fish being caught on dry flies that makes me a lot more excited.

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Between Brothers: Trophy Trout in the Gunnison Gorge [VIDEO]