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Brothers Fined and Banned from Hunting for Shooting Dolphin in Texas

Fox 4 Beaumont

Sentencing has been finalized for the brothers who shot and mortally wounded dolphin in Texas last summer.

In July of 2014, brothers Cade and Corey Moseley shot at two stranded dolphins in Cow Bayou with a compound bow. Cade hit one dolphin which swam away but was later found dead with the arrow in its back.

Fishermen who found the dolphin alerted wildlife agents. The surviving dolphin was found and rescued by wildlife agents and SeaWorld San Antonio staff.

The brothers are facing up to one year in federal prison and a $20,000 fine. They were sentenced to one-year probation with no hunting or fishing allowed during the probation term. A $7,353.50 in restitution and 50 hours of community service split between Texas Park and Wildlife and another agency.

The NOAA Office of Law Enforcement, U.S. Coast Guard Investigative Service and the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department had worked tirelessly over the year to solve this case.

“It is disheartening that individuals would kill a dolphin for the sport of it, especially in today’s age,” said Tracy Dunn, Assistant Director for NOAA OLE. “And, without the determination and skills of the NOAA investigator, supported by CGIS and TPWD, this unnecessary death may have gone unsolved.”

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Brothers Fined and Banned from Hunting for Shooting Dolphin in Texas