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Brooke Thomas Goes Bow Fishing for Jack Crevalle

Brooke Thomas

This is not one of your typical "girl in a bikini holding a fishing rod" videos that have been flooding social media lately.

As a matter of fact, Brooke Thomas can probably out-fish most of us watching this video right now. Since quitting her job in the insurance industry and going full time in fishing, her status on the water has only increased. In one of her latest videos to hit her YouTube page, you can see why.

Bow fishing isn't easy. It takes quite a bit of practice and a lot of dedication. Being able to do it at night makes it an even extra special endeavor. However, put Brooke Thomas on the Crystal River in Florida and she will show you how it's done.

Make sure you follow Thomas on her Facebook page and other social media platforms. She is very active and just about every single post she shares is fishing-related. This is content you are probably going to want to follow.

Awesome stuff, Brooke: keep it up!

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Brooke Thomas Goes Bow Fishing for Jack Crevalle