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Broken Survival Straw? Here’s How to Tap into a Tree for Water

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Everything is bound to not work at some time or another, even the best survival straw.

Avid backpackers are often seen carrying survival straws with them on long hikes in the backcountry. Though these tools are proven successful, something could go wrong in a bad situation and you could be left without water for days.

In times where you’re out of water and have a broken survival straw, here’s how to tap into a tree to get what you need to hydrate.

In today’s world, backpackers and hikers aren’t the only people carrying water purification straws with them. Peppers and survivalists make sure that there this important item is always packed in there bug out bag, just in case it’s necessary to purify additional water in the backcountry.

lifestraw, survival straw

The team at Lifestraw has been purifying contaminated water one straw at a time since 1999. In 2005, the company transformed the original straw into a more advanced and lightweight model that took the outdoor community by storm. With it’s ability to make 1,000 liters of water safe to drink, this 2-ounce tool can literally save your life if your stranded without water.

Check out the entire family of Lifestraw gear here and be sure to pack one for your next outdoor adventure.



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Broken Survival Straw? Here’s How to Tap into a Tree for Water