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Why Britons Still Hunt Foxes Explained in Two Minutes [VIDEO]


Here is why Britons still follow the long tradition of fox hunting even among great controversy.  

One of the oldest forms of dog hunting in Britain is going after red foxes. It is a tradition they have followed since it started in the early 16th century. Unarmed hunters originally used large packs of hounds to track and kill the foxes while they pursued on horseback.

Allowing the hounds to kill the foxes was outlawed in the United Kingdoms in 2004. They still use the hounds to track the foxes, but hunters must now use a shotgun or other more humane method to take the foxes.

This style of hunting is currently the center of a very large debate in the United Kingdom where many see it as cruel to the foxes. However, farmers and others in rural areas feel differently about allowing the hunters to take them out.

Here why in the video below.

I wouldn’t really call the original way hunters went after foxes hunting, or at least fair chase hunting anyway. It is a brutal thing to send a large pack of dogs to take on one or two foxes who don’t stand a chance in the fight.

If a large population of wildlife is causing severe damage to property, I am all for using hunting to help reduce their numbers. However, it should be done in a fair manner where the game has a chance of escaping its fate.

Hopefully the U.K. will reach a middle ground that allows some form of their tradition to continue on and make the majority of folks happy.

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Why Britons Still Hunt Foxes Explained in Two Minutes [VIDEO]