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Britney Starr on Choosing a Shotgun for Bird Hunting

Choosing a shotgun for bird hunting is not something you want to do without careful consideration and pro-shooter Britney Starr is here to help.

Choosing a shotgun for bird hunting has a lot of aspects to think about; especially when it is for upland game hunting. For this type of hunting that can involve miles of walking, smaller game birds and the ability to swing a shotgun at fleeting targets a hunter may have different needs than a waterfowler.

This is where competition shooter Britney Starr can help a prospective shotgun buyer out.

Some great considerations such as weight and what gauge is going to get the job done on a pheasant or grouse. I upland hunt with one of my 12 gauges but can drop my loads down to #6 bird shot vice heavier loads I would use for duck hunting.

I am now in the market for a lighter shotgun specifically for upland hunting and am considering a 20 gauge for its reduced recoil and lighter weight; making it easier to carry over those long miles. My boy is also just getting into hunting so having a lighter gun with manageable recoil will be great until he grows into a 12 gauge.

For a great selection of shotgun be sure to check out Cabela's.


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Britney Starr on Choosing a Shotgun for Bird Hunting