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British Man Unknowingly Picks up Venomous Spider [PICS]

All photos via Sunday Express

A British man was cleaning an office when he disposed of a spider. He then found out the spider he picked up was pretty dangerous. 

Nickie King was cleaning an office when he saw a spider on the dust pan. He took a picture of it because it was an interesting-looking spider. He still decided to just get rid of it by picking it up with his bare hands and throwing it out.

After he posted the picture on Facebook, he started receiving a rush of comments saying how lucky he was the spider didn't bite him. The spider was a false widow, Steatoda nobilis, and sightings of this arachnid are becoming more and more frequent in England.

"Lots of people said it was a false widow and saying I was lucky I didn't get bitten. They were saying I shouldn't have picked it up."


The false widow looks a lot like a black widow but it is not fatal if one bites you.

The false spider's venom can cause chest pains, tingling extremities, and swelling.

False widow spiders can grow up to 15 millimeters long.


All photos via Sunday Express

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British Man Unknowingly Picks up Venomous Spider [PICS]