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British Fishing Co-op Could Improve Sustainability

Brits rely on cooperatives to maintain fishing sustainability.

With the EU increasing catch quotas for cod and other key species in spite of science that suggested a decrease, British anglers have taken an interest in fishing co-ops.

These co-ops work by putting customers in direct contact with local fishermen. The customers pay a small fee to join and then pay for their fish by the pound. A small percentage goes to the co-op, and the fisherman gets the majority of the money.

One major benefit to this system is that it stimulates the local economy. Local fisherman are ensured a fair wage on a regular basis, and by dealing direct with customers the overhead cost is reduced increasing their profit giving a break from some of the financial struggles that have been plaguing the industry.

Introducing new fish to the consumers is increasing sustainability by distributing the burden between a wider variety. This also decreases waste as larger boats might simply discard these fish for not being their target species.

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These co-ops are doing a great job. Building better, more sustainable communities by supporting local commerce and teaching locals to eat a wider variety of fresh local fish rather than what they find in their supermarket freezer.

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British Fishing Co-op Could Improve Sustainability