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British Columbia Grizzly Bear Becomes Photographer


When a man in beautiful British Columbia was snapping a shot of a grizzly, the curious bear takes over and examines the camera.

Jim Lawrence, a wildlife photographer for more than 50 years, said this picture was snapped late last week when he stationed his camera beside a river outside of Revelstoke, a city in southeastern British Columbia, Canada.

According to Lawrence, the huge grizzly examined the screen and buttons of the camera with his big, long-nailed paw, and gently tugged on the strap. When the bear was tugging at the camera strap, the camera pivoted and caused alarm for the grizzly, making it run off into the deep woods.

Lawrence was able to snap the above photo before it ran off.

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Being a grizzly bear activist, Lawrence believes that they should be endangered and not allowed to be threatened or hunted.  Even though the grizzlies are allowed to be hunted in spring and fall in Alberta, he believes that they should still be part of the Threatened Species Act, which was enforced in 2010.

It is estimated that there are up to 15,000 grizzly bears in the province, which holds about a quarter of North America's grizzly bear population.

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British Columbia Grizzly Bear Becomes Photographer