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British Anglers Land 2 World Record Catfish Hours Apart in Spain


Two British anglers broke the world record for part-albino catfish just hours apart while on the same fishing trip. 

Apparently, the River Segre in Spain is home to some scary big part-albino catfish. British anglers Tom Herron and Jon Edwards recently proved that by catching two monster part-albinos that surpass the world record just hours apart on the same guided trip.

Herron, 58, caught the bigger of the two fish – an eight-foot-long, 221-pounder. The fight to land the river monster took more than 40 arm-busting minutes.

“When its head came out of the water, I thought ‘Crikey!,” Herron said.

The Daily Mail
The Daily Mail

Edwards caught the smaller catfish, a 209-pound, 7-foot-long monster, beating the previous world record of 205 pounds set last November.

An unnamed guide from Catmaster Tours, the service that organized the fishing trip, said they’ve only seen a few catfish that are bigger than 200 pounds in the river.

‘Albino catfish of that size are very rare indeed,’ the guide said. ‘This is the biggest we’ve ever seen.’

Both anglers released their impressive catches back to the river to fight another day.

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British Anglers Land 2 World Record Catfish Hours Apart in Spain