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Britain’s Largest Freshwater Fish Has Been Caught [PICS]

All images via The Daily Mail UK

Britain’s largest freshwater fish would be considered a record just about anywhere.

Dayne Bosworth was just waking up from a night of sleeping in a tent on the side of lake in Leeds when he heard his rod alarm going off. Immediately, Bosworth thought it was a big fish just by how fast it was taking line. After a 20-minute battle, Bosworth had no idea that the fish he had just landed would be considered Britain’s largest freshwater fish that had ever been caught.


This monster fish, weighing in close to 118 pounds and measures over 7 feet long, is thought to be over 30 years old and possibly the largest fish swimming in Britain. The previous catfish record was only 62 pounds, so it may be a long time before another big fish comes along to take the new top spot.

According to reports, Mike Heylin, chairman of the British Records Fish Committee said:

“It is highly likely it is the biggest fish in Britain – I don’t know of any fish that is bigger.”

“I’m chuffed to have caught it, especially as I’ve only been going for catfish for the last few years,” said Boswell. “It’s certainly going to be a talking point down the pub.”

All images via The Daily Mail UK

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Britain’s Largest Freshwater Fish Has Been Caught [PICS]