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This Goose Hunting Video is Short and Oh So Sweet [VIDEO]

How quickly can you summarize goose hunting? These guys did it in 12 seconds!

Don't blink. This is just a short snapshot showing the awesome sport of goose hunting. It will be over before you know it!

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In any bird hunting expedition, you will be in on all the action if you are well hidden. This quick goose hunting clip perfectly portrays the excitement every goose hunter hopes to encounter.

The early morning light is starting to shine and you can hear the magnificent birds in the distance. Before you know it, you are completely surrounded. Then the shotguns start singing.

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It sounded like the Fourth of July when these hunters let loose. This is exactly why we wake up so early in the morning. A non-hunter just wouldn't understand the excitement of such an encounter, so we'll just leave it up to us hunters to enjoy.

Happy hunting!

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This Goose Hunting Video is Short and Oh So Sweet [VIDEO]