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9 Brilliant Camping Gear Ideas You Can’t Help But Love

Engineering your own camping gear ideas out of ordinary items has become a source of pride for campers everywhere. The more your research, the more you find brilliant camping ideas you can’t help but love.

It doesn’t take a lot of effort and you can find the most unlikely household items have been re-purposed into a genius camping gear ideas. Personally, I have no idea how these people think of these things. My dad, a redneck engineer himself has long said, “Poor men have poor ways.”

What I am finding now takes that to a whole new level. No longer is redneck engineering limited to rednecks; re-purposing a household item into genius camping gear is a challenge thrown down to campers everywhere. Here is but a small list of camping gear ideas you can’t help but love.

1. Freeze a juice bottle three quarters full of water for long lasting ice


I make them from juice bottles, milk jugs, and small sports drink bottles. You can then use them for a variety of ice chest sizes. You can also drink them in a pinch or take them home and re-freeze them. Remember, only fill them three quarters full when freezing. If you fill the bottle to the top and freeze it, will burst in the freezer.

2. Use a coffee can to keep your toilet paper clean and dry

Toilet Paper
Chic Fluff

Coffee cans have been used for a variety of things over the years, but none more important than keeping the TP safe!

3. Foam floor tiles make a soft place to sleep

Foam Floor

If you’re not into “glamping” and prefer a tent, foam floor tiles can tame the hard ground and make that sleeping bag more comfortable.

4. A rock twisted and tied will secure a tarp or tent

REI Blog

Don’t let a torn grommet or tie down send you home early. This quick fix can help in a variety of circumstances, none more important than securing your tent. Twist a rock in the tarp, wrap it tightly, and secure the string to a stake or tree.

5. A pencil can keep zippers working properly


The graphite in the lead of a pencil can keep a zipper from getting stuck.

6. Keep clothes in the bottom of your sleeping bag to keep your feet warm


Your extra clothes will stay dry in your sleeping bag and keep your feet warm.

7. Pool noodle, a five gallon bucket, and a trash bag make a great toilet

Budget 101

This works great while camping, but you may want to arrange for privacy.

8. A head lamp and a gallon of water make a great lantern

DIY n Crafts

These two things are usually part of every hunting camp, but the two things put together make a great lantern.

9. Use your mobile phone to find stars, constellations, and planets with apps


Okay, so it’s not a DIY project, but it’s a surprisingly cool phone app. Once your out of the glow of the city lights, you can see much more of the night sky. With this app you can even find the space lab, a great opportunity to help kids identify constellations.

If you’re not into “glamping” and you like to make camping fun, these ideas can make camping fun for everyone. Most of these ideas can be made from items you have at home or combined with things you take camping anyway. So with a little effort you can use these camping gear ideas to make your next camping adventure a blast.



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9 Brilliant Camping Gear Ideas You Can’t Help But Love