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Brett Favre Goes Hunting

All Photos from Busted Coverage

Brett Favre can do more than sling a pigskin, son.

In addition to being a future Hall of Fame quarterback, former Green Bay Packer (and Minnesota Viking… a few times) Brett Favre is also an avid outdoorsman.

He’s also the latest in what’s becoming an increasing number of celebrities to head into the outdoors with a GoPro on his head.

brett favre 2



In these pictures from Busted Coverage, we can see what he looks like with a camera on his head instead of a football helmet. Favre is a well-known hunter (and Wrangler jeans aficionado), and from these pictures we can see that in addition to being an archer, he’s also a waterfowl hunter.

As soon as we can find some video, we’ll share it here.

We’re assuming that the empty seat belongs to the picture taker, and that this isn’t a separate-dressing room sort of situation.


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Brett Favre Goes Hunting