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Brent Ehrler Talks Winning Baits at the 2015 Summit Cup Elimination Rounds [VIDEO]

Greg Ehrler
Major League Fishing

Professional fisherman Brent Ehrler goes over the baits he used to win the 2015 Summit Cup.

The “Major League Fishing” (MLF) show on the Outdoor Channel has quickly become the most popular fishing show in history. The reason behind the popularity is the unique way MLF conducts their grab and go tournaments. 24 anglers, including Brent Ehrler, compete in a surprise location with no practice time and no fish limits.

They also get live leader board results as they fish to know where they stand from their own personal referee that stays with them in the boat. Each tournament consists of three rounds: elimination, sudden death, and the championship round.

With these tournaments being random they have no way of knowing ahead of time what lures they could possibly need for the location. Watch as Brent Ehrler talks about which lures he used to place first in two out of three rounds of the MLF 2015 Summit Cup.

Unfortunately for Brent Ehrler his luck didn’t hold out in the final championship round. He ended up placing fourth with a fish weighing 19 pounds, 10 ounces. Scott Suggs placed first with 46 pounds, 14 ounces.

The way MLF has redesigned the standard of fishing tournaments makes for an awesome show. I couldn’t imagine fishing in one of these tournaments on the fly like they do. Being told the night before where I am going to be and showing up with no idea of where to go or what to throw really changes the way you have to fish. I guess when you get paid to fish for a living you just make it work.

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Brent Ehrler Talks Winning Baits at the 2015 Summit Cup Elimination Rounds [VIDEO]