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Breathtaking Footage of Montana Elk Hunt by Brandon Palaniuk

Pro Bass Angler Brandon Palaniuk documents his epic 2015 Montana elk hunt with breathtaking footage.

Brandon Palaniuk, an Idaho native that is perhaps more well known as a Professional Bass Tournament Angler, documented this short film of his 2015 elk hunt in Montana. On the hunt, Palaniuk collects breathtaking aerial footage, as well as documenting his search as he scours the mountainside for a bull to bring home.

From pulling up to packing out, you get a glimpse into the story being told, following his footsteps through the snow, taking in the scenic views and setting up for the shot to bring home his harvest. After a long journey through three different states to bring one home, he takes one down at about 450 yards with a .300 Laupa Mag long-range rifle.

As far as hunting videos go, this one in particular exhibits excellent sound, creative filming and editing, breathtaking footage, but more importantly, the shots after the harvest are extremely tasteful, with Palaniuk pausing for a moment to take it all in, then explaining,

"Now the work begins."

Off camera, Palaniuk cleans up the bull packs the meat out that night, returning the next day for the antlers, which he hauls out on film, taking time to reflect on his hunt during the hike back to his vehicle. If this short film doesn't psych you up for hunting, you should check your pulse.

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Breathtaking Footage of Montana Elk Hunt by Brandon Palaniuk