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Supreme Court Tosses Massachusetts Stun Gun Ban

Supreme Court Tosses Massachusetts Stun Gun Ban

The United States Supreme Court just announced that Massachusetts’ stun gun ban is unconstitutional.

In the Supreme Court’s first decision regarding the Second Amendment after the death of Justice Scalia, the court tossed Massachusetts’ stun gun ban and confirmed that stun guns are protected under the Second Amendment.

Jamie Caetano was arrested in 2011 for possessing a stun gun in violation of Massachusetts state law. She obtained the stun gun for protection against an abusive ex-boyfriend.

Ms. Caetano justified her actions by saying that the stun gun ban violated her Second Amendment right to bear arms and to defend herself. The Massachusetts Supreme Court disagreed and ruled against her. The Massachusetts court stated that since stun guns did not exist at the time the Bill of Rights was drafted, they could not possibly be protected by the amendment.

However, the United States Supreme Court just overturned this decision, which was clearly at odds with the 2008 landmark District of Columbia v. Heller ruling which specifically stated that the Second Amendment applies to arms that were not in existence at the time the amendment was originally drafted.

You can read all the details of the Supreme Court’s decision regarding the Massachusetts stun gun ban on here. Interestingly enough, while Justices Alito and Thomas both wrote concurring opinions, no justice offered a dissenting opinion on the case, indicating that the court viewed this as a fairly straightforward and non-controversial decision.

In any case, it’s always nice to get some good news, especially if you live in Massachusetts and would like to use a stun gun for self-defense.

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Supreme Court Tosses Massachusetts Stun Gun Ban