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BREAKING: NOMAD Announces New Partnership with Josh and Sarah Bowmar

NOMAD announces a poignant and meaningful partnership with the Bowmars.

NOMAD, the performance hunting apparel company that's creating gear built by hunters for hunters, has officially announced the support of all legal hunters and legal hunting, as well as the support of Sarah and Josh Bowmar.

The Bowmars, if you'll recall, were the couple caught in the middle of a legal but backlash-inducing spear hunt of a bear in Canada. After Sarah lost a sponsorship, NOMAD has stepped onto the stage with not only a partnership, but an opportunity.

"Sarah and Josh's passion and excitement about hunting is contagious, their field to table lifestyle and dedication to their craft in the gym, preparation with their weapon of choice, and in the field shows," said Ben Verner, President of NOMAD. "This is a chance for us at Nomad to show our support for legal hunting. Some disciplines may not interest you as a hunter personally but we as hunters need to stand together or we will be slowly torn down. First it will be spear hunting, then trapping, next will be hunting with dogs, and so on until nothing is left. We ALL as hunters need to stand together and support those who support us and back up our own. We partnered with the Sportsmen's Alliance this year who work to protect all of our rights, this is another step to show the community that what we will do goes beyond a press release or a flash sale, we will back it up with meaningful action."

When the Bowmar video was first shared online, reaction was mild. But after a scathing article from the Daily Mirror, the internet caught hold of the story and things spread from there.

With this move, NOMAD cements their stance as a hunter-backing and hunter-centric company that acknowledges every outdoorsman and woman's customs.

"Nomad was founded on the mission of providing the most authentic hunting apparel on the planet to a community of people who are driven by a passion and a primal desire to hunt," said Verner. "We as a company, and as individuals who hunt, stand behind the Bowmars and all legal hunters and legal forms of hunting."

NOMAD says it supports all forms of legal hunting and legal hunters and the company is there for every hunter.

For more information on NOMAD Hunting Apparel, visit their site here.


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BREAKING: NOMAD Announces New Partnership with Josh and Sarah Bowmar