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Breaking News: Wisconsin Has a New Record Whitetail

The Post Crescent

The rural community of Beaver Dam, Wis. produces yet another monster whitetail.

Adam Hupf has been bowhunting in the Beaver Dam area of Wisconsin for 16 years, and has already had quite an impressive career. In previous seasons Hupf had harvested both a 200-inch non typical and a 160-inch typical buck. 2014, however, was shaping up to be another great year; in addition to an elk hunting trip to Colorado on his plate and successfully filling a bear tag, he and his neighbors had a large buck showing up on trail cams.

On Oct. 11, 2014, he found out just how large that buck was.

As Hupf settled in to his stand that night he felt the touch of a southwest wind in his face, he said in a piece from the Post-Crescent, not the south wind he had hoped for. As he hunted on, however, the wind slowly shifted, and with only 20 minutes of legal shooting time left he stood in anticipation.

As he stood he noticed a small buck moving passed his stand, and just a short time later he would finally catch a glimpse of the buck he was after. As the big bruiser stepped into view, he clipped his release on to his string and willed the buck to take the trail leading past his stand. The buck hadn’t read the script for that night, and instead walked directly towards him and stood nine yards away, quartering towards the eager hunter.

After a two minute standoff the buck slowly turned, however, and Hupf seized the opportunity of a lifetime.

At the end of a 150-yard blood trail laid what is now the Wisconsin state archery typical record whitetail. Scored by the Wisconsin Buck & Bear Club at the Cabela’s location in Green Bay, Wis. after the mandatory 60-day drying period,  the impressive rack sports 13 measurable points with an inside spread of 18 4/8 inches and 43 4/8 inches of circumference. It grossed 200 4/8 inches, and its 191 6/8” net score makes it the number one typical taken with archery equipment in Wisconsin… ever.

It beat the previous record, a buck also harvested in Beaver Dam by Dusty Gerrits, by 1/8 of an inch (the Gerrits buck measured 189 7/8 inches net.)

L: Adam Hupf and his record whitetail; R: Dusty Gerrits and his former state record typical
L: Adam Hupf and his record whitetail; R: Dusty Gerrits and his former state record typical

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At only 30 years old, Adam Hupf has many years of great bowhunting ahead of him. How he hopes to top an almost 200-inch typical, however, we have no idea.

Happy hunting Adam!

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Breaking News: Wisconsin Has a New Record Whitetail