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BREAKING: BowTech and Eva Shockey Team Up for 2015

Instagram/Eva Shockey

In one of the bigger announcements coming out of the ATA 2015, BowTech and Eva Shockey join forces.

In an official press release directly from the 2015 ATA show from Indianapolis, Indiana, BowTech and Eva Shockey announced the arrival of a new bow, designed exclusively by Shockey herself .

CYThsRVsYnDRD357Tsp17pDDhlm8gdfCPeomwNIHgnEBowTech, an undisputed leader in archery, along with Eva Shockey, another undisputed leader in all things hunting, joined forces to create a bow that not only looks pretty incredible, but is also cutting edge in the features that it provides.

For example, PowerShift technology works with a carbon-compound Knight Riser allowing for very minimal weight. Tuning and constancy is no problem thanks to the OverDrive Binary cams. There is also FLX-Guard that eliminates riser torque and incredible reduced vibration after the shot thanks in large part to the Extinguish Dampening System.

All these technologies featured on the Eva Shockey Signature Series bow is exactly what made BowTech who they are today.

Jeff Suiter of Bowtech Marketing said:

We asked women what they need in a bow, and from performance to aesthetics, we are excited to exceed their expectations with the Eva Shockey Signature Series bow. From our revolutionary new PowerShift technology to the design touch only Eva Shockey could offer, this bow has everything you need to elevate your hunt.

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 20.30.21


As far as the exact specifications, the bow is 31.5" from axle to axle and weighs only 3.3 pounds. The draw length ranges from 22.5 - 28.5 inches in a weight from 40, 50, to 60 lb. This bow shoots at 332 feet per second and allows for an 80% let off. With all this being said, it seems pretty clear this is the bow for the female hunter in your family.

This bow is currently available in BlackOps with Electric Blue accents, an Eva Shockey touch, and will retail around $849.

Photos taken from Eva Shockey's Instagram page and BowTech's official press release by Alday Communications.

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BREAKING: BowTech and Eva Shockey Team Up for 2015