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Alligator Kills Texas Man in the State's First Fatal Attack

Alligator Kills Texas Man During Late-Night Swim

Be careful where you swim: in a tragic turn of events, an alligator just killed a Texas man who was swimming late at night in a marina near Orange, Texas.

Alligator attacks on people are rare (like bear attacks), but they are always tragic when they do occur. A 28-year-old Texas man was killed by an alligator while on a late-night swim in a bayou in southeast Texas.

It is believed to be the first known alligator attack to end in fatality in state history.

Law enforcement authorities are reporting that the Tommie Woodard was swimming in the early hours of July 3 near the town of Orange, Texas, close to the Louisiana state line, when he was attacked.

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department released news that the situation had been resolved after a concerned individual killed the alligator. That person, whose identity is being protected, claims to have acted out of concern for his family and others.

According to reports, Woodard was bitten soon after he started swimming. The man was accompanied by a woman, who called for help and unsuccessfully tried to help him fight off the alligator.

His body has been recovered by Orange County sheriff's deputies and a Texas game warden.

The bayou he was swimming in had signs warning people not to swim there due to the presence of alligators.

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Alligator Kills Texas Man in the State's First Fatal Attack