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Breakfast Club for Gun Lovers

A weekly morning meeting of gun enthusiasts over pancakes and coffee is the best way to catch up on local hunting news.

Gun enthusiasts have long talked at the ranges, gun shops and gun shows about the latest and greatest guns, ammunition and assorted gear. Old vintage guns are spoken of in high regards, and stories abound about game harvested in a forgotten time.

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Enter the weekly meeting of the breakfast club. I must give credit to my father, who invited me to a breakfast. The breakfast club was actually started by vintage car collectors during the winter when their cars are neatly waxed and put away from the harsh Ohio cold.

They started it as a weekly get-together over breakfast to keep in touch during the winter months. The majority of breakfast-goers, I have recently found out, are gun and shooting enthusiasts with much knowledge to share.

Hunting trips of the past? They have them in great detail.

Winter firearm projects? Look no further, they are doing those too.

They know the best spots to hunt from decades of tromping the same woods that I do, and they are eager to share their knowledge with the younger crowd.

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As a relatively young man, these gentlemen have mentored me in many ways on gun knowledge and hunting stories and tips. My hat goes off to these fellas!

If you have a group of guys and gals who love to shoot, hunt, and be in the outdoors, why not start a breakfast club of your own at the local restaurant?

You will be glad you did!

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Breakfast Club for Gun Lovers