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Introducing Break-Up COUNTRY, Mossy Oak’s Newest Camo Pattern [VIDEO]

Mossy Oak

Mossy Oak, the leader in camouflage gear, has announced its new innovative pattern, Break-Up COUNTRY.

Over 30 years ago, Toxey Haas launched a small camo company in West Point, Mississippi. He did so with an obsession for the outdoors and a belief he had a better method of concealment.

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Today, Mossy Oak is at the forefront of the outdoor industry with a wide variety of concepts connecting people with the outdoors. The outdoor giant has some impressive accomplishments to its credit, but what comes next has Haas smiling.

Mossy Oak announced in January they have an innovative pattern on the way, called Break-Up COUNTRY.

“The hottest thing today… we are bringing out a new pattern and it is clearly going to be the biggest thing we have ever done singularly,” said Haas with obvious excitement in his voice.

The pattern features dramatically larger limbs, leaves, bark, and branches to bring out the natural elements and blend the hunter into his or her surroundings. It is the ultimate in camouflage.

“At Mossy Oak, we make our living by bringing you the most effective camouflage patterns ever made,” said Ben Maki, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer in a release. “We always focus on extensive in-field design and testing so that when we bring you a pattern with the Mossy Oak name on it, you can be assured it’s going to work.”

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Since the announcement, the new camouflage pattern has received positive reviews on the merits of its appearance and effectiveness.

“Our connection to the land and the critters that live on it is what gives us our sense of place in this world,” said Haas. “If you wake up every morning with a heart of gratitude and can’t wait to set foot on your land, listen to a turkey gobble, check a trail camera or climb a treestand, then Break-Up COUNTRY is for you.”

The new camouflage is set to hit stores for the fall/winter retail season, which begins in late June or early July 2015.

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Introducing Break-Up COUNTRY, Mossy Oak’s Newest Camo Pattern [VIDEO]