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Brave Man Fires One Impressive Shoulder Cannon [VIDEO]

What the heck is this thing anyway?

Well, it is a recoilless rifle that will kick like a dozen mules.

Watch this brave man hold on and shoot this fire-breathing beast.

A cannon is just that, a cannon. This shoulder-firing weapon is indeed everything a cannon could hope to be. That is, except you can shoot it from your shoulder.

This brave man takes on this beastly cartridge-shooting behemoth. During the shot you can see the blast exit the back of the weapon itself. Without the blast leaving the rear of the weapon upon firing, this giant chunk of metal would have gone airborne.

Don't let the term "recoilless" make you think it kicks like a .22 rifle.

Would you shoot it?

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Brave Man Fires One Impressive Shoulder Cannon [VIDEO]