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Brave Divers Remove Hook from Florida Shark's Mouth [VIDEO]

Brave divers swimming with sharks remove an old rusty hook, and everyone swims away unscathed.

Florida has a reputation on the Internet for being filled with crazies. Two divers from Florida, Cameron Nimmo and Mickey Smith, who thrive on the thin red line between crazy and brave, encountered a shark while snorkeling in the open seas that was sporting an angler's lip piercing that had likely been cut free at the surface next to a boat.

Screenshot Shark Divers OWS

This is common practice, and sharks are pretty resilient creatures. The hooks rust out over time, but likely cause the shark some discomfort.

These divers are dedicated to raising awareness about the conservation of shark species, and often dive in close physical contact with them.

Seeing the opportunity to do the shark a favor by getting up close and personal to remove the hook, they go for it. While some may argue if these guys are brave or stupid, you have to admit, they're pretty cool.

T0 find out more about these Floridians and their shark diving exploits, you can visit their website.

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Brave Divers Remove Hook from Florida Shark's Mouth [VIDEO]