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Brave Boy Saves Fawn From Flood Waters [PICS]

A selfless act of true bravery.

Searching For The FawnImages via: Daily Mail

You don't hear a lot of good stories coming out of Bangladesh, but that didn't stop a young man from putting his life in danger and his country on the map with a story that will warm your heart.

From the Daily Mail,

The incident took place in Noakhali, Bangladesh, when the young fawn became separated from its family during torrential rain and fast-rising floods.

Wildlife photographer Hasibul Wahab captured the brave act while visiting on a photography trip.

He said the Noakhali locals lose a lot of deer during the rainy season and that they have to do all they can to protect them.

Click through the slideshow to see the harrowing event.

The River

Many worried that Belal would not survive the treacherous waters.

Searching For The Fawn

The fawn had been in the water struggling and fell below the surface.

Got Him!

Belal holds the fawn above the water after its rescue.

A Closer Look

Searching For Shore

Belal struggles against the water to stay afloat and reach shore.

A Closer Look

Almost There!

Belal gets closer to the banks.

Belal Gains His Footing And Walks To Shore

With his feet in shallow waters, he makes his way to the shore.


That's one happy fawn!

A Quick Breather

Getting its bearings back.

Getting Back to Normal

Time to find mom!

The Happy Family Awaits

Belal and his family got to watch the fawn rejoin its (thankful) family.

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Brave Boy Saves Fawn From Flood Waters [PICS]