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Brandon Palaniuk Gets Pumped for the Bassmaster Classic [VIDEO]

Check out this great interview with Brandon Palaniuk on Day 1 of the Bassmaster Classic.

As the anglers head in for the first day’s weigh-in, we wanted to share a video from RigidIndustriesMedia, which highlights the preparations he’s made as well as some background on his quest to win the championship.

Palaniuk has finished fourth, forty-eighth and second place in the last last three Classics. Here’s the video:

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Brandon Palaniuk is a favorite among bass fishing fans, and has a strong following on social media. He was in at number three in the Fishing 50, our list of the top influencers in professional and recreational fishing’s Twitter presence.

We’ll update you as big news comes in from the tournament, but in the meantime, enjoy this video, and follow’s Live Blog for up-to-the-minute info.

Are you following the Classic? Who’s your pick to win?

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Brandon Palaniuk Gets Pumped for the Bassmaster Classic [VIDEO]