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The Brand New Fishing Caddy System [VIDEO]

This animated demonstration introduces the brand new Fishing Caddy fishing system.

The Fishing Caddy is a multi-tool that is so versatile that it provides almost everything but the fish.

This animated video presentation of the Fishing Caddy fishing system demonstrates why this product must come with you the next time you go to the river.

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The Fishing Caddy is the whole package. It’s easy to set up and offers innovative versatility. Simply add water for better stability, with up to 30 pounds of weight.

The Fishing Caddy features rod holders, an LED light attachment and tension line holders. All you have to do is cast your line, set the rod in the holder and feed the line though the tension holder. Then the fish will come to you while you wait on the cushioned seat.

Get your own from the Fishing Caddy website.

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The Brand New Fishing Caddy System [VIDEO]