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Brainard Lake Changes Moose Hunting Rules After Incident

Those looking to go moose hunting in Colorado’s Brainard Lake Recreation Area will have adhere to a recent regulation change by the Wildlife Commission. 

People going moose hunting in the popular Brainard Lake Recreation Area near Ward, Colorado will have to follow a recent regulation change made in response to an incident from last September.

Hunters are now banned from shooting moose within a quarter mile of Brainard Lake, after a bowhunter shot a killed a moose a few feet from the road and other visitors in September.

Kim Lehman, host of a nearby campground, told reporters her feelings on close range moose hunting: “It’s like going into a zoo and saying, ‘Wow, I like that lion. I’m going to kill him.’ That’s not hunting. Hunting is when you go out and sit in the woods and wait for them, or track them or be part of their environment and take them down.”

Virginia Mill, another nearby campground host added, “People saw that. People were enraged. People were stunned. People were traumatized.”

Jennifer Churchill, spokeswoman for the northeast region of Colorado Parks and Wildlife, told reporters the kill was clean and the man had a valid moose hunting tag. “It is unfortunate that there were people in the area who witnessed this and were offended by it. But it’s also important to understand that we have multi-use lands in Colorado,” she added.

The regulation change to moose hunting officially reads: “The restriction is a quarter mile that extends out from the high water mark of Brainard Lake until the U.S. Forest Service gate closes, (at or near Oct. 12). Once the gate closes, the closure is lifted.”

This was just one of the many hunting regulation changes made by the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission at a meeting in January.

Image via 7NewsDenver

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Brainard Lake Changes Moose Hunting Rules After Incident