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Box Blind Hunting Tips [VIDEO]

If you like hunting out of a box blind, you might find these tips useful on your next sit.

I’ve hunted in Texas my whole life, and sitting in a box blind is one of my favorite deer hunting methods. Blinds made of plywood, fiberglass, or durable plastic allow hunters to weather adverse conditions and stay on stand for long periods of time.

In this video, Keith Warren gives tips on box blind hunting safety and strategy.

Safety cannot be emphasized enough. Always wait until you are settled in the stand before you load your gun. Make sure the safety is on prior to leaning the gun in the corner of the blind.

If you are a right-handed shooter, you should sit on the right side of the blind. Left-handed shooters should sit on the left. This provides the hunter a place to rest his or her elbow and allows for a much more steady rest.

Warren stresses the importance of knowing the magnification setting of your rifle scope.

Under low light conditions, like early morning or late evening, the scope should be set at the lowest power. This gives a bigger field of vision, which gathers more light and allows you to see better. Under more favorable light conditions, the scope magnification can be adjusted accordingly by the turn of a knob.

One morning, I sat in a pop-up blind in a new spot my brother and I found in east Texas. Right at legal shooting time, a nice mid-130-inch, nine-point whitetail emerged at 25 yards. I raised my rifle, but I couldn’t find him in the scope!

I couldn’t see the deer, because my variable scope was set at 12 power. I had forgotten to check my scope setting when I got in the blind. The deer stayed out long enough for me to adjust the scope to 4 power. This allowed more light gather, and I was able to find the deer in the scope.

I settled the crosshairs tight behind his front shoulder, and pulled the trigger. It was a successful hunt, but I learned a big lesson that day.

Don’t forget these tips next time you are sitting in a box blind!

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Box Blind Hunting Tips [VIDEO]