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Bowtech Partners with HealthyHunters

Bowtech Archery and HealthyHunters have combined efforts to help keep us in good hunting shape.

Bowtech recently announced their partnership with the hunting fitness and health experts at HealthyHunters. Over the next few months, HealthyHunters will be providing tips on staying fit, eating healthy, and training to hunt at your best in their ?HuntFit? video series.


In their first video installment, ?Human,? they take a look into what it means to escape the technology and luxuries of today?s world. Adam Valastro of HealthyHunters adds, ?In a quest to know what your true potential is as an individual, you have to step outside of your comfort zones and push yourself in order to gain that perspective. Hunting allows you get in touch with a world that many have forgotten; fitness allows you to find your limits by pushing yourself to the edge. Both combine to create a lifestyle that for me, is hard to beat.?

Check out the first video in the HuntFit series.

HealthyHunters is a new to the scene group of hunters and fitness-minded individuals that want to show what this lifestyle is all about. Be sure to stay tuned for more!


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Bowtech Partners with HealthyHunters