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Bowtech Launches New Bow… via Text Message?!?

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That’s right. Bowtech just announced they are launching their new flagship bow via MMS, directly to your phone.

That means anyone with an MMS-capable phone will get the first-ever look at the bow sent straight to them. Bucking an industry trend, the brand that asks you to “Refuse To Follow” is doing just that by giving the first look to its consumers before the press, media and even some of its dealers.

Their newly launched webpage has the details: Just text FLAGSHIP to 313131 and you’ll be sent an image and video of the bow before it’s released to the public.

They have not set an actual release date, but Jeff Suiter, Director of Marketing, claims it’s coming soon.

“We’re really excited to reveal this new flagship bow to our consumers first, and they can expect some interesting content via MMS over the Thanksgiving holiday,” he said.

He also added, “We took tons of shooter feedback into consideration when designing and building our newest SmartBow so it made total sense to give it to our consumers, the actual shooters first, even before the media and press.”

If you’re wondering what exactly a bow release via MMS looks like, Tim Glomb, Director of Digital Strategy, had this to say:

“Our exclusive content will be data-friendly. Anyone who signs up can expect the first image of the bow and a short video sent right to their phone via MMS in nice, small file sizes.”

When asked about the “social” effect, and people publishing the bow to sites like Facebook, he encouraged it. “We know people will post the bow to social the second they get the image, but our hardcore fans will get it first, and directly from us. We also have some exclusive offerings that will only be made to the audience that signs up via text. There is a ton of value in connecting with Bowtech via text, and 2017 is full of surprises and unique offerings.”

Beyond just the reveal of the bow on a date yet to be determined, Bowtech is also rolling out a short form-video series called Making of a Bowtech Flagship. Suiter summed it up as “a peek into the process from concept through delivery… and the passionate people involved along that journey. It also has some awesome hunting footage from recent big game seasons.”

Whether or not you use texting frequently, this bow launch is certainly unique, and coming soon. Bowtech recently labeled their bows as “SmartBows” because their technology claims to tune for any shooter’s style. Now, they want to connect their “SmartBows” with your smartphone to communicate more easily.

The question is, will you text FLAGSHIP to 313131 and “Refuse To Follow?”

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Bowtech Launches New Bow… via Text Message?!?