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Bowtech Announces REIGN 6 & 7, New Flagship Bow

bowtech reign

Well, it’s official: Bowtech revealed their newest SmartBow, Reign, this morning.

As promised, anyone who texted the keyword FLAGSHIP to 313131 was treated to an image of the bows on Monday night, as well as a new video showing off the bows this morning. They also launched a new webpage for the bow that includes several videos (and apparently more on the way).


The bow itself looks sleek and comes in six colors, including Black OPs, plus five camo patterns from Mossy Oak, Kryptec and Sitka. The Reign is available in a 6″ brace height hitting 350 feet per second and a 7″ brace height producing 340 feet per second. Both bows feature all of the SmartBow technologies as well as a new lower outrigger that is offset to counterbalance a quiver.

The MEET THE REIGN video on their website quotes John Hernandez, Director at Bowtech, touting this bow’s incredibly smooth draw as its defining feature. We learned earlier this year how the SmartBow technologies actually help tune the bow to the shooter for farther, more accurate shots and the ability to adapt to any accessory.

Their new video spot also hammers the idea that this bow “feels amazing,” as we see a guy take his first shot with the bow and get instantly transported to a familiar hunting scene. They close out with the question, “What will you feel when you shoot the Reign?”

Will you FEEL THE REIGN? Find a dealer here if you’re so inclined.


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Bowtech Announces REIGN 6 & 7, New Flagship Bow