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Bowhunting Werewolves in Africa [VIDEO]

You never know what kind of wildlife you'll see in Africa. The guys from 'Relentless Pursuit' are chasing werewolves with their bows.

The number of game species in Africa is astonishing. From bushbuck to warthog, a hunter has his hands full trying to fill all his tags. One of the most difficult animals to collect is the brown hyena, what these guys are calling werewolves.

Watch the video to see a couple of werewolves taken with bows and get in the mood for Halloween.

Okay, so maybe those aren't the kind of werewolves you were thinking of. I don't think the hunter would have turned into one if he had been bitten, but that's still something I would try to avoid. I mean, seriously, look at the size of those teeth.

Happy Halloween. Hopefully you come out on the winning end of any werewolf encounters, like these hunters.

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Bowhunting Werewolves in Africa [VIDEO]