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Bowhunting Tutorial: What is Shootability? [VIDEO]

Bow manufacturers are always striving to make the best weapon. Some focus on bows that are fast while others focus on ones that are quiet, but the most important consideration when purchasing a bow is: can I shoot it?

In this video, ScoutLook’s Josh Dahlke and Tony Peterson discuss which bows have the greatest “shootability” and what exactly that term means.


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Shootability is ultimately how easy it is to shoot a particular bow. It comes down to comfort and ease of maneuverability when you’re wielding it.

In this video, Josh and Tony make a good point that Elite is a good manufacturer when it comes to shootable bows. However, I think Josh’s words at the end are the most important thing to remember, “Just get a bow in your hands. Make sure you spend some quality time with it before you actually make that purchase. If at the end of the day, it doesn’t feel right to you, odds are it’s not going to do what you want it to do when it really counts.”

The most important thing when buying a bow is to get the one that feels most comfortable to you. If it doesn’t feel natural in your hands, nothing else matters.

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Bowhunting Tutorial: What is Shootability? [VIDEO]