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Check Out This Insane Bowhunting Turkey Double [VIDEO]

Watch this turkey double and you'll wonder how it looked so easy.

We'll just come out and say it, Brent Kneifl is a lucky guy. Not to say he isn't a skilled bowhunter, it's just that turkeys don't always give you opportunities like this.

After a rather frustrating time in Nebraska's archery turkey season a few years ago, Kneifl manages to make a miraculous double shot on two jakes who showed up late in the day.

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The video from MetzgerOutdoors's channel shows the buildup, the shot and the aftermath. Kneifl is naturally excited; wouldn't you be?

We've heard of doubles with firearms quite a bit, but this is a rarity.

Was it the broadhead that did it? Could be. The Magnus Bullhead is a rowdy turkey hunting machine, with its huge cutting surface, built for neck and head shots with some major strength and durability.

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Needless to say that was the shot of the season for that turkey hunter.

Ever accomplished the elusive turkey double? Let us know how it happened in the comments below.


Featured image via MetzgerOutdoors's channel 

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Check Out This Insane Bowhunting Turkey Double [VIDEO]