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Interesting Bowhunting Trick Allows Washington Hunter to Bag Mule Deer Buck [VIDEO]

Interesting And Effective Trick Allows Washington Archery Hunter To Bag Bedded 5x5 Mule Deer Buck

This hunter demonstrates an interesting and effective bowhunting trick that gets this bedded 5x5 mule deer buck up on his feet and offering a close range archery shot.

This hunter spotted a beautiful 5x5 mule deer buck while archery hunting in eastern Washington. There was only one problem though: the buck was bedded in a spot that would be difficult to access without spooking him.

Luckily, the hunter had an interesting trick up his sleeve that allowed him to get a close range shot on the deer.

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Sometimes the simplest tricks are the ones that work the best. Obviously, throwing a rock will not work every time and it is most effective if the deer doesn't know you are there. However, it's still a good tactic to remember next time you're out in the field.

Part of this video was filmed using a Solvid head camera mount, which allows the user to film using either an action camera or a regular camcorder.

This system is perfect for allowing the average hunter to film their own hunts and is great for both big game and bird hunting.

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Interesting Bowhunting Trick Allows Washington Hunter to Bag Mule Deer Buck [VIDEO]