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Bowhunting Public Land Elk in Montana [VIDEO]

These hunters are after some public land elk in Montana’s Missouri River Breaks.

After spotting a couple of respectable bulls on the drive to their hunting location, these hunters are feeling good.

A couple of days and stalks later, they have a pair of public land elk to show for their bowhunting efforts.

Watch the video to see how these hunters were so successful.

This public land elk hunt proves that harvesting a bow-killed bull on your own is possible.

As the successful hunter in the video mentioned, the area he was hunting has 76 percent drawing odds for bowhunters, which is pretty good compared to some highly sought-after trophy areas.

Doing some research and finding underutilized hunting areas will improve your chances of harvesting a public land elk of your own.

Stop making excuses and start planning; you could have the trip of lifetime.

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Bowhunting Public Land Elk in Montana [VIDEO]