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One Archer’s Journey in Colorado Bowhunting for Mountain Lion [VIDEO]

Mountain Lions are majestic and vicious. Hunting them with a bow just adds to the adrenaline rush you’ll get when in pursuit.

Check out this video of a great Colorado mountain lion hunt.

This is a beautifully-shot video that details the entire process of the hunt, from scoping out the territory in advance to gearing up the morning of the hunt.

Colorado releases a Mountain Lion Hunting Guide for every season, detailing the process of the kill and the legal measures one can take to obtain it. There are four basic necessities when it comes to hunting lions: a lion license, a hunter safety course under your belt, a certified mountain lion course and test, and a habitat stamp.

Dogs in the use of hunting are permitted in Colorado, unlike other states. In addition, centerfire rifles, handguns, muzzle-loading rifles, smoothbore muskets, shotguns, hand-held bows, and crossbows are all also legal means of killing.

Hunting mountain lions in Colorado is a very precocious activity, as the kill of too many females in one year can swing the population into dangerous survival zones. Harvesting limits are often lowered if this appears to have happened in the previous season.

A well-placed shot at the end of a successful hunt is exhilarating. Taking a mature mountain lion is beyond words.

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One Archer’s Journey in Colorado Bowhunting for Mountain Lion [VIDEO]