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Bowhunting Kill Shots to Get You Fired Up for the Rut [VIDEO]

The rut is nearly upon us. Watch this collection of kill shots to keep you motivated during those long hours in the stand.

These Mossy Oak kill shots will make any bowhunter's heart thump.

Hopefully they will inspire you to stay in the stand long enough to make a kill shot of your own.

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As a bowhunter, kill shots are few and far between and more times than not the time spent in the treestand or blind is its own reward. When an opportunity does present itself, bowhunters have a responsibility to the animal to be prepared to make an ethical, killing shot.

The Mossy Oak crew travels the country every year to make videos like this and is rewarded with numerous opportunities at BIG bucks. These kill shots show that they know what to do when the moment of truth arrives.

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Bowhunting Kill Shots to Get You Fired Up for the Rut [VIDEO]