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Bowhunting in Greenland is a Spectacular Sight [VIDEO]

Danish hunter David Carsten Pedersen will take you on an adventure while bowhunting in Greenland.

The spectacularly barren landscape is only one of the mesmerizing features of Pedersen’s Greenland hunt, where he sought muskox and ptarmigan in the Arctic tundra. Watching the footage, you’ll feel Pedersen’s anticipation of the hunt and excitement of the kill.

With views that will practically fog your breath, you’ll watch as Pedersen skins his trophy right from the field and you’ll appreciate his satisfaction as he literally eats his victory back at camp.

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It’s not often we get the chance to truly experience a fantastic hunt from afar, but this is definitely one of those times.

Maybe your next vacation will be to go bowhunting in Greenland.

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Bowhunting in Greenland is a Spectacular Sight [VIDEO]