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Bowhunting for Giant Beach Hogs in Australia [VIDEO]

Sharpen your broadheads and come on an amazing hunt for giant beach hogs. Here’s a use for your compound bow you’ll want to try!

You haven’t seen anything until you see this guy stalk and stick a sandbar-slob like this one.

Here’s how they poke a pig down under and put some pork on the barbie.

Warning: The video contains graphic content.

This video is the last in a short series of a pig hunting trip. It was a good kill with a cleanup shot at the end to put the pig down for the count.

We’re not always used to watching a hunt in an area like this, but count us in when it’s time to go back! That was a good look at hunting in a place where the terrain is uneven even if it’s wide open.

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Bowhunting for Giant Beach Hogs in Australia [VIDEO]