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Bowhunting Geese Adventure with The Short Season

Waterfowl hunting over decoys is fun and challenging, but going after geese with bow and arrows over decoys is an adventure all its own.

“DOWN” is the new short film by The Short Season. It is goose hunting of a slightly different variety.

Sure, these guys set up decoys and have calls in hand. They wait, hidden and with eyes to the sky, doing their best to lure flocks of geese into their sets.

But instead of shotguns they’re using archery equipment, and that requires a different, slower, more deliberate approach to choosing and timing their shots. Still, goose feathers fly and great shots are celebrated.

Rather than firing as the birds come in, the hunters wait for the geese to land before drawing and firing. And a single projectile needs to do the job of patterned steel shot.

There are misses, and there are also plenty of birds to retrieve from the field.

I have to be frank and say that, as a bowhunter, DOWN gets both thumbs up from me.

The Short Season does great work and have produced several outstanding hunting short films. Check out their excellent ‘Nevada’ video linked below.



‘The Short Season: Nevada’ Shows the Heart of Bowhunting [VIDEO]

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Bowhunting Geese Adventure with The Short Season