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Bowhunting for Doves: Are You Ready for This?

Bowhunting for doves might sound like a pipe dream, but this archer can make it happen.

With dove hunting right around the corner I’m sure more than a few folks are starting to get geared up. Dove season is generally one of the first fall seasons to open and is a sort of the kickoff hunt in many states. If you’ve ever hunted doves you know how unpredictable they can be and the challenge they present to the hunter.

Now I’ve shot enough dove to know what they taste like, but have missed enough to know what that tastes like as well. Crummy. So when I heard some people were bowhunting for doves, well I needed so see it to believe it.

Sure enough, watch this archer bowhunting for doves connect with his traditional equipment.

One thing is for certain, bowhunting for doves is going on the bucket list.

As you may have noticed the archer in the video was using special gear for this hunt. One purpose-built piece of equipment he used was flu-flu arrows. These arrows are specifically designed to slow down in flight after about the first 20 yards. Most archers who practice aerial targets use these to avoid losing all their arrows.

The second distinctive aspect of his gear was the “snaro” head he mounted as a point. This specialized bird point has a 2″,3″, or 6″ diameter wire setup that greatly increases your odds of connecting on the evasive little buggers. Even though the retail price is fairly steep for a single point, they would be a must have on a hunt like this.

As I watched this I couldn’t help but think about the adventures of the Thompson brothers. If you’re familiar with their book The Witchery of Archery, you know of their love for shooting birds. Their bird shooting adventures sounded a lot like the gent in the video. Lots of birds, lots of shooting, a few misses, and some birds in the bag as well.

Perhaps you already have a dove bowhunt lined up for this fall. Maybe you are an old pro at the sport. If not, bowhunting for doves might just be the next challenge you need to take on.

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Bowhunting for Doves: Are You Ready for This?