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Bowhunting Alligators with Melissa Bachman [VIDEO]

Bowhunting alligators sure looks like fun, especially when this gal’s in front of the camera.

Watch as Melissa Bachman takes a big one with her bow.

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Bowhunting alligators is just one of many tactics people use to bag these giants. They are sought after for their skins, skulls and meat.

The standard technique for bowhunting alligators is to cruise gator habitat at night until you spot a gator. At this point the driver maneuvers the boat close to the gator and the shooter takes the shot.

Gator hunting bows should have a minimum of 60 pound draw weight and be equipped with specialized gator gear. When the gator is brought to the edge of the boat, it is usually dispatched with a bang stick.

The next time your in gator country, take your bow along and give bowhunting alligators a try.

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Bowhunting Alligators with Melissa Bachman [VIDEO]