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Bowhunters Save Fawn from Grisly Coyote Attack

coyotes eating fawn

These bowhunters witnessed a coyote attack on a fawn from their blind; he decided to step in, much to the chagrin of the coyotes…

The coyotes’ savage mauling happened suddenly, as the hunters were patiently watching a herd of mule deer. The deer began to move away, when the sound of a fawn in distress rang out.

The bowhunters turned to witness the coyote attack already in progress.

Sacrificing their cover, the hunters immediately leap into action, firing an arrow into one coyote from the blind. When the remaining coyote continues chewing on the fawn, they exit the blind, sneak over a bank, and kill the second coyote!

What should have been that fawn’s last day on earth was actually the end of two coyotes.

This is amazing footage. Some may disagree with the hunters’ decision to interrupt nature at work; however, hearing the fawn screaming for help is a firm motivator.

A coyote attack on a fawn is not out of the ordinary–but catching it on video is exceedingly rare. Coyotes are incredibly elusive predators, though their numbers are flourishing in nearly every state.

Researchers consider their population explosion to be the result of humans expunging top predators like gray wolves and mountain lions, in addition to vast increases in deer numbers.


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Bowhunters Save Fawn from Grisly Coyote Attack