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Bowhunter’s Patience Rewarded with Nice 150-Inch Whitetail [VIDEO]


When it comes to hunting trophy whitetail, patience is definitely a virtue.

Deer season is probably the most anticipated time of the year. When the summer heat begins to die down you can feel the excitement of buck fever begin to kick in.

Learning to control that over-excitement when looking to take down a trophy whitetail deer is what separates the men from the boys.

Danny Z from Pennsylvania shows us just how patient a hunter can be in a self-filmed hunt from last deer season. He waits out almost an entire bow season while passing up shots at multiple bucks awaiting the chance to score a monster whitetail buck.

Wait until you see what he finally gets to take a shot at after all that time.

I truly do admire how determined he was to get the chance to take down that great whitetail buck. I don’t know very many hunters who would have let some of those nice eight-pointers slide past them without taking a shot.

The only thing I wish he would have done is had the camera tilted down just a bit more when he finally took his shot. I would have really liked to see the full shot from bow to deer and where he placed his shot.

Congratulations, Danny Z, on taking a very nice buck and showing everyone what true patience in hunting is all about.

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Bowhunter’s Patience Rewarded with Nice 150-Inch Whitetail [VIDEO]